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There are many alternatives to traditional standardized tests that offer a variety of ways to measure student understanding.

In the early theories of learning, it was believed that complex higher-order thinking skills were acquired in small pieces, breaking down learning into a series of prerequisite skills. After these pieces were memorized, the learner would be able to assemble them into complex understanding and insight — the puzzle could be arranged to form a coherent picture.

Today, we know learning requires that the learner engage in problem-solving to actively build mental models. Knowledge is attained not just by receiving information, but also by interpreting the information and relating it to the learner’s knowledge base. What is important, and therefore should be assessed, is the learner’s ability to organize, structure, and use information in context to solve complex problems. Continue reading in this LINK.

There are diagnostic/pre-assessment, formative and summative assessment.

Watch the video and please find the examples of each assessment inspired by the video. Write them down in the comment area. You are allowed to looking for the definition of each type of assessment in other sources.


  1. Tiara Rizki Nastitijati

    There are at least three types of assessment mentioned in the video.
    First is Formative assessment. It is the assessment that we are doing along the way. See how far the students can get, what can we change to make improvement. Example of the formative assessment is the anecdotal record.
    Second is the summative assessment. We have it at the end of an inquiry unit. The example is the PAT test.
    Last is diagnostic test, it is done before the learning process begin. The purpose is to determine what the students already know.

  2. Leonita Andriani

    Diagnostic/pre-assessment: salah satu bentuk tes yang dilakukan untuk mengetahui pemahaman anak mengenai materi yang akan dibahas/dipelajari. Tes ini biasanya diberikan sebelum proses pembahasan materi dilakukan. Biasanya akan ada catatan yang dilakukan oleh guru mengenai pencapaian setiap anak (anecdotal record).
    Formative assessment: bentuk assessment yang diberikan untuk me-review proses belajar yang sedang berlangsung. Biasanya guru masih memberikan bantuan atau panduan pada saat anak mengerjakan tugasnya.
    Summative assessment: tes atau assessment yang dilakukan untuk me-review keseluruhan proses belajar atau materi yang telah dibahas. Tes ini akan melihat pencapaian dan pemahaman anak mengenai materi pembelajarannya.

  3. Ayu Sandiningtias

    types of assessment which were mentioned in the video were diagnostic test, formative test, and summative test. First, diagnostic tests aim to find our student’s prior knowledge about the concept. The second one is formative test which is implemented along the learning process. The last one is summative test. This test is carried out at the completion of an inquiry unit in order to get a thorough understanding about children improvement related to the unit.

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