1. Leonita Andriani

    Dari penjelasan Inquiry Based Learning di atas, sudah sangat jelas do & don’ts yang diperlukan untuk menjalankan proses belajar di kelas. Hanya saja, masih perlu latihan terus untuk bisa menerapkan metode ini. Saya sudah mencoba untuk menerapkan metode ini dalam sesi boys talk & girls talk atau menemani anak ketika mengerjakan worksheet. Cara ini dapat membantu anak-anak untuk bisa berpikir dengan lebih mendalam dan menemukan jawabannya sendiri, sehingga ia dapat memahami materi tersebut secara mandiri.

  2. Magdalena Trisnawati. S

    Unquiry based learning is not easy to do, because as a teacher who has to make the students as problem posers and problem solvers. teacher has to be creative, that’s why we have to practice and find a lot of ways to get students understanding without telling students what the will do and learn. And from the students’ side is really good because students are free to find their understanding with their own styles and ways.

  3. Ayu Sandiningtias

    inquiry based learning is such a new way of learning which is still uncommon for me. All of the previous explanations were quite understandable as a basic guidelines in implementing inquiry based learning. However, what i still wonder is how to create effective questions to probe topics in the classroom.

  4. Alyssia

    in my own opinion, inquiry based learning is a very modern way of teaching. It help both the students and the teacher explain their point of view without any judgement. Students got a chance to discover new things everyday that could be apply on their daily routine.

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